Rising Times

Rising Times Books, a division of Golightly Publishing, specializes in books about the Sixties, counterculture, social revolution, and demands for individual freedoms. Rising Times Books publishes stories about people who believe they are able to make a difference. The stories are woven around historical events of the Sixties, allowing the reader, dependent upon age, to revisit the Sixties or to enter the Sixties for the first time.

In addition to novels, Rising Times Books publishes cookbooks— recipes from the Sixties such as tuna fish potato chip casserole and assorted fondues and recipes from the Yucatan.

Golightly Publishing has been producing and disseminating cookbooks and music since 1987. The cookbooks are currently being updated for both print and eBook distribution and will be available on the Rising Times Books website.

Our Authors

l. k. siga little is known about l.k. siga, and l.k. wants to keep it that way.

barbara light lacy writes and performs songs in the Americana genre, plays in a classic rock band, collects recipes, provides a haven for old hippies, and assists l.k. siga in the creation of the stories set in the house at 19th and University in Austin, Texas in the late Sixties.