Austintacious Quartet


19th and University: A Tale of 1968 Austin

Book I of The Austintacious Quartet.

Five Baby Boomers from different backgrounds come together, move into an old house and form a rock band. A story of love and music during the birth of a counterculture. A time of optimism and experimentation. 19th and University is a glimpse of a generation coming of age, a Rising Time.

For anyone who lived through the Sixties, 19th and University will make you smile to remember. For everyone who wants to experience the Sixties, 19th and University will take you there.

Rebel Yell! June, July and August of 1968

Book II of The Austintacious Quartet.

In the summer of 1968, two went west, two flew south, and one got lost in the nest. Austin to Terlingua, Cozumel, Cuba, and the Gold Coast, the Crown of the Continent to Strawberry Hill, the Hill on the Moon to the Chicago Riots.


Maya Karma: Journeys of Personal Discovery

Book III of The Austintacious Quartet.

Life is change. When their mentors urge them to "Use your imagination, advise yourself and watch where you're going," in the mere two weeks before the fall semester classes start at the University of Texas in 1968, the lives of the 19th and University kids are changed profoundly and forever. Natasha dives as deep as you can go in Maya mythology, Taj begins his adventures in connectivity, Michael A. shoots lightning through the sky, and Jack and Jen find that the sum is greater than the whole. Taking trips to Barcelona, Lisbon, Geneva, Cozumel and the Sea of Cortez -- plus throwing in the acquisition of a Swiss bank account and you won't believe what else will up the ante in anyone's world.

Austintacious: Crowded House, Fall Semester 1968

Book IV of The Austintacious Quartet.

A hippie trip through 1968 Austin, Texas. Be part of the kids as they continue on their journey. Baby Maya Karma Gage joining the household and a tipi in the backyard augur a calamity of events that makes 19th and University a crowded house. Ultimately this situation reveals the house's unique niche in Austin history and unveils Mona the Ghost.