Book I of The Austintacious Quartet.

Five Baby Boomers from different backgrounds come together, move into an old house and form a rock band. A story of love and music during the birth of a counterculture. A time of optimism and experimentation. 19th and University is a glimpse of a generation coming of age, a Rising Time.

For anyone who lived through the Sixties, 19th and University will make you smile to remember. For everyone who wants to experience the Sixties, 19th and University will take you there.


“I read this book last weekend on the recommendation of a friend. It’s wonderful. I’d compare it favorably to “The Art of Fielding.” Quirky characters, college town and some intriguing mysteries. Set in Austin, Texas in the late `60’s, if you were in college then (or if your parents or your grandparents were), this book will bring it all into focus. Jack (poor boy up to college from Terlingua) and Jen (rich girl down from Ft. Worth) move into the house at 19th and University along with Jack’s cousin Michael A (their Mexican-American-Lebanese landlord), Natasha (early feminist, radical and kicked out of Wellesley), and Taj (their mute, engineering major, kitten-loving handyman). Add in the current events of the times, a handful of wonderfully drawn recurring minor players and you’ve got the start of what promises to be a multi-volume, multi-generational saga to be continued in additional books. I can’t wait for volume 2.”


  • Saved in:
  • 10th April 2012
  • Authors: l.k. siga and Barbara Light Lacy
  • Published by: Rising Times Books