How Suite It Is: The Story of Robert E. Woolley and the All-Suite Hotel

“Motorola told me that they could not use my hotel because we didn’t have breakfast and their people needed breakfast. I told them to give me thirty days and they’d have their breakfast.” —Robert E. Woolley

In 1969, the concept of an all-suites hotel was nonexistent. In fact, the consensus in the hotel industry was that Robert Woolley was “crazy.” Bankers were reluctant to lend money for buildings they considered to be hotel rooms with kitchens!

By 1984, Woolley had sold the Granada Royale Hometels chain to Embassy Suites. He turned around and reinvested the money in Embassy Suites, immediately becoming its largest franchisee.

The history of the all-suite hotel concept is a story of determination, creativity, luck, and charm.

Indeed, How Suite It Is!