Let’s Burn One: Tempe 1973

Jimmy Cavatelli is leading a peaceful, low-key existence in Tempe, Arizona in the early 1970s. He enjoys playing music, getting high, and occasionally drunk, at the local bars. He works at a basic, low-paying job but is comfortable, content, and happy to spend his time with trusted friends and immediate family.

All is well until his wheeler-dealer cousin Vito arrives from back East. Vito manages to get Jimmy entangled in an ugly and dangerous situation with a local biker gang. Jimmy has to enlist the help of his friends, and the aid and protection of an old Mexican shaman. Excitement, suspense, and adventure ensue.

On a lighter note, Vito introduces Jimmy to Pam, his new sweetheart, who has come to Arizona to race her thoroughbred horses at Turf Paradise. Jimmy wonders if this beautiful woman can help Vito mend his sinful ways. The action becomes hectic, involving private security agents, local police, federal agents, and Jimmy’s friends.

  • Author: Joe LoBiondo