The music flourished during the pandemic even though live venues were all shut down. "Quarantunes" - 5 songs to make you smile!

Quarantunes Front Cover

It's Not About Love Album

I heard that Gwen Stefani says that her songs are her diaries. That's probably true for my songs, but do I want to put that out there?

Maybe so. I hear a line, I write it down. I see the music, I write the song. That's really how they happen.

Why this grouping of songs? Like the book of the same name, "It's Not About Love."

It's about loving and wanting and liking and having, all in the context of the freedom that gets compromised when you fall in love with someone.

It's All About Hearts

Love's just something that takes hold of your heart...for good, for bad, for better, for worse, for fun, for sorrow. Every love leaves a mark, whether it be a hole in your heart, a big bruise, or a burning desire. Each of these songs is a bandage to fill the hole, the assuage the bruise, or to celebrate the desire of the loves in my life. Never stop loving and you'll never stop living.


The Music in Her Head

Life events that sparked songs. From a chance encounter waiting for trains traveling in opposite directions, to a lifetime of friendship - now memorialized.

Listen to the stories within the songs, then read more in "It's Not About Love - Joni's Journal."

I Love Cowboys

Boots touching boot toes...two-stepping across the sawdust covered dance floor, who couldn't fall in love with a cowboy?  Old-style country songs of love and life when everything was black and white and life seemed simple, wrapped around by the guitar licks and riffs of Jerry Matheny.  This will make you want to get up and dance!