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It’s Not About Love – Joni’s Journal

1972. The sexual revolution in full swing in the aftermath of the Summer of Love along with evolving women’s rights. The Supreme Court overturns the ban of abortions in all states with their decision in Roe v. Wade. The end of the Viet Nam War. Tempe, Arizona. A suburb of Phoenix, yet still rural enough that cars often had to stop as herds of sheep ambled across the road. The home of Arizona State University where in 1972 an overwhelming majority of the students were male. A town with a lot of jobs and a lot of bars, a robust music scene, and a mix of intellectuals, artists, cowboys and outlaws. Mix in Gina and Joni. Two “forever friends” who stepped into the beauty and the rawness of 1972 Tempe, forging their own path into new adventures.

Gunner’s Vicarious Adventures on the Arizona Trail

Gunner, a Jack Russell terrier mix, always went on vacations with his Human. But one day Gunner figured out that his Human was going somewhere without him. Would he ever come back? Would they be a family again?

Join Gunner, his Human and the Dog Sitter on an exciting adventure along The Arizona Trail. Gunner may have had to stay home, but he gets to experience the Arizona Trail through his Human’s emails and phone calls.

Will Gunner’s Human ever return from the Arizona Trail? Start turning the pages and find out!

Aria Finds Her Forever Family: A Min Pin Rescue Story

Pet adoption is hard for the dog, too!

Aria was a happy Miniature Pinscher until her world was turned upside down. After her Human was taken away, she lost the only home she had ever known. Aria was moved from one place to another, hoping to fit in, and she began to wonder what would happen to her.

This is a story about a special dog looking for a special home.

Will Aria find her Forever Home?

How Suite It Is: The Story of Robert E. Woolley and the All-Suite Hotel

“Motorola told me that they could not use my hotel because we didn’t have breakfast and their people needed breakfast. I told them to give me thirty days and they’d have their breakfast.” —Robert E. Woolley

In 1969, the concept of an all-suites hotel was nonexistent. In fact, the consensus in the hotel industry was that Robert Woolley was “crazy.” Bankers were reluctant to lend money for buildings they considered to be hotel rooms with kitchens!

By 1984, Woolley had sold the Granada Royale Hometels chain to Embassy Suites. He turned around and reinvested the money in Embassy Suites, immediately becoming its largest franchisee.

The history of the all-suite hotel concept is a story of determination, creativity, luck, and charm.

Indeed, How Suite It Is!