"Austin has really changed since the days we were all traipsing around the music scene with the 13th Floor Elevators and all that great music that was just pouring out of every ricky/tackety house surrounding the campus. Yet, in some ways it is still the same. Sometimes when I am in Austin it feels like the ghosts of yesterday, the '60's are still lingering. Not dead, but not exactly vibrant in that special way that we remember.

There is something still unsaid about the era we spent our beautiful youth in; the excitement, the energy, the thrill just to wake up and have so much to do and yet have nothing to do. You could do either, and at day's end you were satisfied just to be in life, and you never questioned how you spent the day. It feels like there should be a story to tag the mood, the spirit of that time."

Bob Arthur, bass player for the Wigs of Austin, featuring Boz Scaggs,Toad Andrews & Bob Arthur

"A rollicking good time!"
Lynette M. Smith

"All those who want to 'Keep Austin Weird' should read this book to find out what weird really is."
Dr. Pat Kruppa

"When we depend less on industrially produced consumer goods, we can live in quiet places. Our bodies become vigorous; we discover the serenity of living with the rhythms of the earth. We cease oppressing each other."
Alicia Bay Laurel

"I read this book last weekend on the recommendation of a friend. It's wonderful. I'd compare it favorably to “The Art of Fielding.” Quirky characters, college town and some intriguing mysteries. Set in Austin, Texas in the late `60's, if you were in college then (or if your parents or your grandparents were), this book will bring it all into focus. Jack (poor boy up to college from Terlingua) and Jen (rich girl down from Ft. Worth) move into the house at 19th and University along with Jack's cousin Michael A (their Mexican-American-Lebanese landlord), Natasha (early feminist, radical and kicked out of Wellesley), and Taj (their mute, engineering major, kitten-loving handyman). Add in the current events of the times, a handful of wonderfully drawn recurring minor players and you've got the start of what promises to be a multi-volume, multi-generational saga to be continued in additional books. I can't wait for volume 2."
Claudia Tropila